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Abeke is a 13-year-old girl from Okaihee, Nilo. She is the summoner of Uraza, and a main protagonist of the series.


Abeke has dark brown skin and brown eyes. On the book covers, she is shown to wear her braided hair in a ponytail, and wears a green cloak. Uraza's tattoo is just below her elbow. In Wild Born, she was mentioned to be tall for her age.[1]


Growing up, Abeke was always surpassed by her sister, Soama. Their father, Pojalo, greatly preferred Soama over Abeke, although Abeke was considered one of the best and sharpest hunters in her village. On the day of Abeke's Nectar Ceremony, she summons Uraza the Leopard, and almost immediately after she is approached by Zerif and recruited to the Conquerors. During her stay with the Conquerors, she befriends Shane but soon realizes that she is on the wrong side of the war. Though not trusted by the other Four Fallen kids at first, she later proves to play an essential part in the Greencloaks' cause. She becomes very close friends with Conor, and later, the other two Heroes as well.

She is emotional and empathetic to those around her, as she stands firm about Shane being a good person, and abandons her race with Ngaio to rescue a baby orangutan. However, she can be a merciless foe as well and will completely devote herself to a cause. She is also frequently described as sneaky and cat-like due to her bond with Uraza, and is an exceptional archer. She is fond of riddles and takes the supernatural very seriously.

In the Books

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Wild Born

Abeke is born in Okaihee, Nilo, and lives with her sister Soama and her father Pojalo. She is one of the best hunters in Okaihee and truly cares for her village. When her village was revealed to have been suffering from a drought, Abeke ventured out into the dangerous savannah alone to hunt for food. During her Nectar Ceremony Abeke called Uraza the Leopard and was planned to be Okaihee's Rain Dancer, but she was taken by the Conquerors and trained by them. However during the fight for Arax's Granite Ram, Abeke switched sides and is now among the Greencloaks.


In this book, the other Four Fallen kids are still wary of her due to her having time among the Conquerors. When they are training, they do not help her when all the Greencloaks start attacking her. After that, they meet a new Greencloak: Finn, who will guide them on their quest to find the Iron Boar. When they are on their way, they are attacked by Conquerors. The group is separated and Conor and Rollan go with an injured Tarik while Abeke and Meilin stay with Finn. While finding Conor and Rollan (who were in Trunswick), Meilin slowly learns to trust Abeke. When they reach a Conqueror controlled Trunswick, they break Rollan and Conor out of a cell and escape to Glengavin, where Rumfuss the Boar is being held. While there, Abeke gets captured by Devin and Karmo. When the rest of the gang find her, they end up fighting with the Conquerors and get the Iron Boar Talisman.

Blood Ties

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Fire and Ice

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Against the Tide

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Rise and Fall

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The Evertree

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The Return

The bond between Abeke and Uraza is broken when Uraza jumps in front of Abeke to save her from the parasite. This caused Uraza to get the parasite and to be controlled by Zerif, sending Abeke into a depression.



Abeke and Uraza are extremely close and have a strong bond. They had little trouble bonding and building trust with eachother in the beginning; in the first book, Uraza saves Abeke's life from a bile-infected dog, and later in The Return, she saves Abeke's life once again from a Wyrm parasite. When Uraza was infected and their bond was severed it made Abeke instantly depressed, like a part of her soul was ripped away. She continously tried to get through to Uraza even though the leopard could not understand. Uraza tries to attack her twice due to her delirium - the first attack was intercepted by Cabaro and the second killed Shane, who put himself in Abeke's place. Once the Wyrm was killed, Uraza went into hiding due to the shame of killing Shane, however Abeke hunts her down for 6 months and finds the leopard in Stetriol, where they bonded once again.


When Abeke is recruited to the Conquerors, Shane is appointed as her trainer, and they quickly befriend eachother. Shane tests her abilities with trickery one day, which Abeke tells him to never do again (alluding to Shane's eventual betrayal in Rise and Fall.) She is suprised to learn about Shane's past and agrees to help him collect the talismans - but eventually she realizes that she really belonged with the Greencloaks, and even felt bad about leaving Shane because he was 'the only one that really appreciated her'. Frequently Abeke would remember her time with Shane and miss him. In Blood Ties, they meet once again in a battle, where Shane (and Conor) go out of their way to block a Conqueror blow aimed at Abeke. When Conor asks who Shane was, Abeke gets flustered and evades the question. Meilin refers to Shane as Abeke's Conqueror boyfriend, which Abeke denies. Up to Rise and Fall, Abeke still continues to believe that Shane is a good person. They escape Stetriol on a ship together after leaving Meilin behind, and Shane tells Abeke that he liked that she was so quick to trust people. Then when Shane is revealed to be the true Devourer, Abeke blames herself harshly for letting herself trust him once again. At Muttering Rock, Abeke resists Shane's attempts to make her feel sorry for him, telling him that instead she is sorry, "because [you] mean nothing to me." In The Book of Shane: Vengeance, Shane admits that he has a weak spot for girl archers and that he cares for one, therefore revealing that he possibly cares about Abeke not just as a friend. In the second series, their relationship continues to be complicated, although they work together among the Redcloaks when it comes to fighting Zerif. Abeke does not 'forgive' Shane until The Burning Tide, where Shane gives his life to show her that he has truly changed. He dies in her arms after telling her that he is sorry, and Abeke expresses regret on the things she never told him.

In Heart of the Land, Shane's death was revealed to still deeply affect Abeke, but she is able to move on and expresses her opinion of Shane to Conor. Later on, Worthy speculates to himself that Shane was in love with Abeke, but would not admit it.


When Abeke switches sides to the Greencloaks, Conor is the only one to act friendly towards her. They seem to get along, and when Rollan catches the Sunset Death, they go together to get the banana gourds to cure him. When Abeke was supposed to keep watch on their mission and accidentally falls asleep, she hesitates in telling Conor the truth because she knew he trusted her. During a battle with the Conquerors, Conor witnesses the connection between Abeke and Shane, and asks who he was, but Abeke gets defensive and flustered. In Fire and Ice, Conor gets jealous of her and Shane when they meet each other again, saying that he could beat Shane because he dreamt of it. Later on in the book, he even says that he wanted to punch Shane in the face, to which Rollan agrees. While in the middle of Arctica, Conor rubs Abeke's feet because she had frostbite, which embarrassed Abeke but she let Conor do it anyway. Abeke admits to herself that, before him, she'd never felt what it was like to have a brother. In Rise and Fall, Conor shows uncharacteristic bravery as he stands up to Pojalo for insulting Abeke, only to be rebuked. They continue to be very close friends. Conor may have romantic feelings for Abeke, but she is oblivious to this, and it was only visibly touched upon in Fire and Ice.

In the aftermath of the Wyrm war, Conor continues to have nightmares about the Wyrm, and Abeke is a main source of comfort when he wakes up from them. She kisses the spot where the parasite had been on his forehead in order to calm him down at one point, and afterwards Conor begins to stop having the nightmares.


In the first few books, Meilin is the person that distrusts Abeke the most. Meilin would frequently suspect her of spying on the Greencloaks, but her view started to change when she learns that Abeke hates Zerif just as much as she does. Abeke tries multiple times to get Meilin to trust her, even telling her outright that she's hopeless on what to do to make her trust her. In Against the Tide, Meilin still suspected Abeke to be the mole that was secretly with the Conquerors, but she was proved wrong, and when they both get captured Meilin finally learns to trust Abeke. By Rise and Fall they are good friends and Meilin even starts to cry in guilt when she accidentally attacks Abeke in her sleep. When they are separated once again, Abeke admits to Conor that 'Meilin was her friend, and she had no choice but to love her, whatever she did.' Meilin compliments her on her new braids in Immortal Guardians, knowing that it would make her happy.


Like the other Four Fallen kids, Rollan trusts Abeke immensely. Although he didn't trust her at first because of her time with the Conquerors, he confided in her about his Nectar ceremony and his encounter with Zerif. She was the first person that he un-jokingly told about his ceremony. They both also seem to know that they have to make use of everything they have, especially food. In The Evertree, Rollan told Abeke that Shane's betrayal was not her fault. She thanks him, and they have a moment of joking. Abeke isn't amused by Rollan's uplifting jokes sometimes, but she seems to appreciate the sentiment. When the Greencloaks on the Tellun's Pride were forced to abandon ship and jump into the ocean, Rollan uses the Coral Octopus to swim over to Abeke, grab hold of her, and swim to shore. In Broken Ground, Rollan witnesses the friendship between Nisha and Arac and wonders if he and Abeke will be like that when they are older. Abeke mentions during the book that Rollan surprises her sometimes with his streaks of kindness.


  • The name "Abeke" originates from several African countries and means "we begged for her".



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