Ana is an Amayan girl, and a Conqueror.


Ana summoned Ix, a "legendary" Gila Monster, by drinking the Bile. She was recruited by Zerif to act as a false hero alongside Devin Trunswick, Tahlia, and Karmo.


Ana has dark eyes and straight black hair.[1]

In the Books

Fire and Ice

Ana and Tahlia appeared in the battle at the docks near the end of the book. They both advanced on Rollan before Meilin intervened and knocked them both off their feet. Maya sent an inferno towards all of the Conquerors, including Ana and Tahlia. Tahlia's face was scarred by burns permanently, but she did survive, and it is unknown what happened to Ana (she presumably died).


  • The name Ana can be chosen for a girl in the game.
  • "Ana" is a Hebrew name meaning "grace."


  1. Fire and Ice, page 37

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