And since you bring it up... my name isn't really Anka. It's Kana. Kana the Honest.
-Pg 175, Stormspeaker

Kana is a young Greencloak who appears in Heart of the Land. Her spirit animal is a chameleon, which allows her (and anyone she touches) to blend in with the surroundings. However, in Stormspeaker it says that she is an Oathbound known as Kana the Honest.


Anka has tan skin and short, dark hair, and brown eyes. Her chameleon tattoo wraps around her wrist like a bracelet.[1]

Anka is Zhongese. However, she camouflages immediately when Toey is in active state.

In the Books

Heart of the Land

Coming Soon


  • "Anka" is a name derived from "Anna", meaning "favor" or "grace." It is an anagram of Kana, her true name.


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