Barlow is a former Greencloak, having left his post to become an explorer. His best friend is Monte. His spirit animal is a bear named Jools. Though described as intimidating, Barlow has a good sense of humor and often laughs along to Monte's jokes.


Barlow left the Greencloaks along with Monte to become an explorer. They set up many trading posts. He was one of the few to explore Amaya. When he and Monte were revealed at the trading post by Essix, they decided to help the Greencloaks find the Granite Ram of Arax. Barlow and Jools met their death atop a mountain slope; Arax violently flung Jools to his death, but right before Jools died, he gave Barlow incredible strength when he flung Arax off the mountain. He was stabbed by Zerif after saving Abeke, causing her to change to the Greencloak's side. His final wishes were for everyone to be told about his incredible feat of power and to be buried in a Greencloak. He was buried in Tarik's cloak outside of Sunset Tower.

In the Books

Wild Born

Barlow is first seen when Monte brings the main group to him in a back room. He is skeptical of them, lying about not knowing where Arax was to get out of taking them. Rollan catches on to it, and he questions the kid's spirit animals. Jhi is taken out of dormant form, (Essix was already out) but he didn't believe anything until he saw Briggan. He then lead the group along with Monte to the mountain, and joined in the fight against Arax. Arax at one point got angry and flung Jools off of a cliff. Right before Jools died, he gave Barlow so much strength he could lift Arax and throw him off of the mountain after he tried to hurt Abeke. When Barlow asked her if she was alright, Zerif stabbed him in the back and he died after requesting tales of him throwing Arax, and being buried in a greencloak, causing Monte to renew his Greencloak vows.


  • When Barlow first appeared, Conor thought he looked like the perfect match for a bear, which might have been the reason the strength of Barlow and Jools combined could throw Arax, he was already very strong and burly.
  • There is a unique item in the game called Barlow's Cloak.