SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Cabaro is a lion Great Beast, who once ruled a monarchy in Nilo. In the second series, he is summoned as a spirit animal by a boy named Kirat.


Cabaro is a lion with tawny fur and golden eyes. He is one of the fifteen Great Beasts; he resides in Nilo, ruling over a monarchy hidden in an oasis. He doesn't like humans, preferring that they leave him and his oasis alone. He is the one of the strongest Great Beasts. Cabaro is very dangerous, frightening, and powerful; hence why nobody has ever set foot in the giant lion's territory, and never gone after the lions' talisman. Eliot Schrefer referred to Cabaro as an animal rights activist.


Main article: Talismans
Cabaro's talisman is the Golden Lion. It gives the user the ability to create huge sound waves from their mouth.

In the Books

Rise and Fall

Cabaro first appears in chapter 11. He lives in a vast oasis that is secured by ostriches, wild dogs and lionesses. Cabaro has an extreme hate for humans, so Rollan had to transfer his consciousnesses to Essix while she and Briggan ventured into the oasis. Cabaro is pleased to see them and knows they have come for his talisman. He almost gives it to them but doesn't like the fact that they had bonded with humans as spirit animals. As an alternative Cabaro offers them an opportunity to stay in his oasis. Almost tempted, Essix soon changes her mind when Rollan manages to send his thoughts to her. Essix swoops in from above for Cabaro's talisman but she can't get a strong grip, and Cabaro eventually summons his security to fight for him while he watches from afar. Essix and Briggan then have to hold their ground against the lionesses and wild dogs. Overwhelmed, Briggan and Essix struggled to fight all of them so Tarik, Conor, Rollan and Irtike intervene only to be followed by the Conquerors with Gerathon at their side. It was an all out war in the oasis; Cabaro even faced off against Gerathon. In the skirmish, Briggan was wounded and Tarik and Lumeo were killed. Conor, with the help of Irtike and Mikak, managed to eventually obtain the talisman and escape with Rollan as Irtike with her naked-mole rat's power covered the oasis in sand and dirt. Unfortunately, the talisman was soon stolen by Halawir and Shane at the end of the book.

Tales of the Great Beasts

Although he is mentioned by Uraza in her chapter as being a fool, his biggest part is in Essix's chapter when the Great Beasts assemble for a Grand Council. He shows little concern for the war and agrees not to fight mostly because of Halawir's persuasion. He even says he doesn't mind if Uraza falls because his hunting grounds will double. Later in the Council he agrees with Arax that Rumfuss is the least liked Great Beast of them all. Eventually near the end of the meeting Essix expresses her disappointment with all of them, telling Cabaro: "You are a devastating lack of potential. I once mistook your pelt for golden, but it is clearly yellow."

The Evertree

He answers Kovo's call to The Evertree, but dies by sacrificing himself, charging into The Evertree.


  • Nilo is an anagram for lion (Cabaro).
  • A unique weapon in the game is called The Gold Sword of Cabaro.
  • In Tales of the Great Beasts, Essix states that Cabaro could have been their leader if he weren't so arrogant.
  • In Rise and Fall, the author accidentally spelled ''oases'' instead of oasis.

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