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Conor is a 12-year-old boy from Trunswick, Eura. He is the summoner of Briggan, and a main protagonist of the series.


Conor is a young boy with a friendly, open face. He has blond hair, blue eyes[3][4] (they have also been described as green instead[5]) and wears tattered clothes and a greencloak. Briggan's tattoo is on the back of his forearm. He also has 'worn-out shepherd's hands', according to Rollan.[6] In Wild Born, it was stated that he is taller than Meilin.[7]


Conor is eleven years old and is the third and youngest son of Fenray. Like his father, he herded sheep before his father put him into service to Devin Trunswick to pay off a debt his family owed. At first, Conor did not think he would get a Spirit Animal at all, but was proven wrong. On his Bonding Day, he summoned Briggan the Wolf, who is also a Great Beast, and thus he became a Greencloak.

He was described to be shy by Rollan. Although he is sometimes snubbed by Meilin as being a simple shepherd boy, he doesn't get angry and knows how to ease tension among the group. Due to his background of herding sheep, or maybe because of his bond to Briggan (who was a packleader), Conor is shown to have a strong sense of leadership. By the end of the series he changes from a shy, modest boy to the 'leader' of the group.

In the Books

Wild Born

Conor first appeared in the very first chapter of Wild Born. He, Devin, and Dawson are introduced and it is explained that Conor is Devin's servant due to his family's debt. Conor and Devin are about to attend their Nectar Ceremony. At the ceremony, Devin and a girl named Abby do not summon a spirit animal, but Conor summons Briggan the Wolf, a Great Beast. Devin is humiliated. Tarik approaches Conor and Briggan, introducing himself and confirming that Conor had just summoned a Great Beast. Leaving Trunswick, Conor travels with Tarik to Greenhaven, where he meets Rollan and Meilin along with their spirit animals.


Conor is first shown in the training room at Greenhaven. He offers a smile towards Abeke. When Tarik tells the Fallen to use everyday weapons Rollan jokes that he did that everyday in his old life while Meilin argues that she could do better with her bare hands. Conor and Abeke just exchange glances that go to get weapons without complaining.

Blood Ties

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Fire and Ice

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Against the Tide

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Rise and Fall

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The Evertree

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Immortal Guardians

A parasite wriggles its way into a cut on Conor's arm.



"But Devin was the eldest son of Eric, Earl of Trunswick, and Conor was the third son of Fenray, Herder of Sheep." - Conor's introductory quote (Wild Born)

"Dazzled by the flash, Conor blinked repeatedly to restore his vision. . . And then he saw the wolf." - Conor summoning Briggan (Wild Born)


  • His family has ten dogs.[8]
  • Conor's name probably comes from the Celtic name 'Connor', which means "son of the wolf" or "dog/wolf lover".
  • In Hunted, Lord MacDonnel told Conor that, if he had been born in Glengavin, his surname would most likely be 'MacFenray' meaning son of Fenray.
  • Conor is the only one out of the Four Fallen to still have both of their parents alive. (Abeke's mother and both of Meilin's parents are deceased, and Rollan implied in Hunted that his father died, as well.)



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