SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Dinesh is an elephant Great Beast, who can turn to stone when he sleeps. In Immortal Guardians, he is summoned back into Erdas by Kaiina.


Dinesh is an elephant with aqua eyes[1] and is the main Great Beast of Blood Ties. He has human servants who worship him, and he does not mind humans for that reason, though he frequently gets made fun of for it. He resides in Zhong, specifically in the Lake of the Elephant in Pharsit Nang.

In The Burning Tide, he was shown wearing colorful silks.


Main article: Talismans Dinesh's talisman is the Slate Elephant. It makes the user's spirit animal grow gigantic.

In the Books

Blood Ties

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Tales of the Great Beasts

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Immortal Guardians

Dinesh was summoned by a girl named Kaiina. Then Dinesh was stolen by Zerif. Later in the book, Dinesh helped Zerif steal Tellun.


  • Dinesh does not seem to like the Four Fallen, as he states when he sees JhiBrigganUraza and Essix, "I have not missed them," It may be possible most of the neutral Great Beasts are hostile towards them, since Arax seemed to only tolerate them in Wild Born. He also mentions Uraza woke him from his sleep, Briggan looked ready to bite someone, and Essix was aloof. He only seemed to feel neutral about Jhi.
  • Dinesh can roll into a humungous rock boulder and roll and jump, crushing everything in his path.
  • A unique weapon in the game is named the Slate Sword of Dinesh.


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