The shudder came first. Then ice cracking, the sound high and piercing. The entire ice block shattered, shards exploding out.
The gigantic Polar Bear lifted her paws and roared.

–Book Quote, (from Chapter 10: Frozen)

Fire and Ice is the fourth book in the series, written by Shannon Hale. Rollan, Essix, and Suka are depicted on the cover.


The adventure continues in this fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series.

Strange things are happening at the frozen edge of the world. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have crisscrossed Erdas in their quest to stop the ruthless Conquerors. Only the four of them, supported by the gifts of their legendary spirit animals, have the power to defeat an evil takeover.

While chasing down a lead in the cold north, the heroes arrive at a quiet village where not everything is as it seems. Rooting the truth out of this deceptively beautiful place won't be easy—and the team is already out of time.

The Conquerors are right behind them.


The story starts with the viewpoint of Gerathon. She has escaped her prison, eats a man and controls a Niloan woman, leading her to fall off a cliff. Meanwhile, the team reaches Samis, a lonely town in the north of Eura. Conor asks Tarik for permission to talk to the caribou herders outside Samis. Tarik gives permission but Rollan makes a harsh remark about Conor giving away the iron boar talisman. Then, a wolf pack attacks the herders' caribou, but luckily, Conor calls out Briggan, and the leader of the wolf pack submits to Briggan, to Conor's surprise. So, they are let in to the village of Samis, looking around. What Meilin finds strange is that on the graveyard, there are no dates. They see villagers that are 'tall, with broad shoulders, strong arms, and lovely perfect faces. Their hair colour ranged from pale brown to gold, and everyone was smiling.' as Conor describes. The age range was around teenager to early adulthood. Then, they meet Pia, the mayor of the village, who reluctantly shows them a pond that Suka the polar bear used to visit. Abeke figures out that the pond gives everlasting life to those who drink from it, explaining the strange gravestones and lack of elderly people in the village. Soon after, Rollan is reunited with his mother, Aidana and her spirit animal, a raven named Wikerus.


  • In this book it is revealed how Meilin's mother died she got hit by a car
  • Essix goes into dormant form for the first time
  • FIrst appearance Aidana (Rollan's mother)
  • First use of Meilin's powers connected to Jhi


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