SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Feliandor, or the first Devourer, was a 13-year-old boy and the former king of Stetriol.


Feliandor wears a red-velvet cloak and an opal-encrusted crown. He was also mentioned to have brown eyes.[2]

In the Books

Against the Tide

In a dream while on Nightshade Island, Rollan witnesses in his dream the moment when Feliandor took the Bile from Kovo and summoned his crocodile spirit animal. Later in the book, Mulop reveals that Feliandor was the first Devourer and that Kovo and Gerathon were controlling him the whole time.

Tales of the Great Beasts

In the Rise of the Reptile King chapter, King Feliandor was the king of Steriol. A Niloan woman gives him the Bile, telling him to drink it in three days time. He doesn't drink it, instead giving it to a servant. This servant becomes aggressive when Feliandor's butler attempts to steal a bird that was given to Fel to send out to Kovo when he drank the Bile. Since he never drank the bile, he ordered one of his servants to take him to Nightshade Island, where Kovo was waiting. In the last chapter he is killed by Tembo.

The Book of Shane Trilogy

Book 1

In the first book, while Shane is searching for supplies in a castle, he sees a painted tapestry of Feliandor. Shane calls him a fool for not getting out of becoming king sooner.


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