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Spirit Animals Movie Announced!

Get excited Spirit Animals fans! It has been announced on the Scholastic Spirit Animals Forum that Universal Studios has acquired the rights to make a film for the best-selling series, Spirit Animals. John Fusco will be writing the screenplay, while Deborah Forte will be producing this film through Silver Tongue Productions. Not much is known beyond that, such as casting; the year of release is rumored to be 2018 but it is not confirmed. Spirit Animals fans everywhere have jumped out of their seats today in excitement, and are eager for more info.


The cast of the movie are; Rollan - Garret Backstrom (age 21), Meilin - Brenda Song (age 29), Abeke - China McClain (age 18), Conor - Callan McAuliffe (age 22), Tarik - Arjun Rampal (age 44), Zerif - John Abraham (age 44), and Shane - Kenton Duty (age 22). This isn't confirmed but this is what they are thinking of for now.



  • Deborah Forte and Universal are also the producers of the Goosebumps movie, which is another Scholastic series. The 39 Clues movie's production belongs to Universal as well.

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