The SA Game is an online RPG made to accompany the main Spirit Animals series.


The Spirit Animals game is located and accessed through the website. The game itself has a level 40 cap. Levels 2 to 40 each have a special "Heroic" Quest to defeat a Conqueror; Levels 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 quests involve retrieving a Talisman.

SA is an RPG (Role-playing game), which means you are playing the role of the Keeper. As Keeper, you play the role of retrieving Talismans and aiding Worthy, and defeating bile animals, wyrm creatures, and Conquerors.

Throughout the game, you obtain new armor and weapons, as well as new, and more powerful skills. If you have bought or borrowed a Spirit Animals book, it will come with a code that you can enter to redeem in-game rewards (usually gold or Greenheart Tokens). When you enter a code, it will prompt you to find specific words in the book, to avoid "fake" codes.

An example of the rewards for book code redemptions.


Play the Spirit Animals™ Game

Play the Spirit Animals™ Game

Spirit Animals is an RPG game based on the Spirit Animals books. As of the 3rd of August 2015, Keith F. (an admin for the game) has announced that there are going to be 27 spirit animals in total to choose, which includes the Fox, Tiger, Penguin, and Komodo Dragon, and much more. Most players earn armor, experience, equipment and gold by playing quests. There are four types of quests: casual quests (which are free and yield a small amount of rewards), normal quests (which yield more rewards) and challenging quests (which yields epic rewards; a treasure room is guaranteed). There are also heroic quests, which gives a large amount of XP and occasionally talismans. Some quests can be taken on for a number of tokens or coins.


You can currently take on quests in Nilo, Zhong, Amaya, or Eura. You can also take on underground quests by talking to Worthy in the courtyard. In the final battle with Drina, you fight in Greenhaven. (See Drina for a guide to the final battle.)

Bile Animals
Black Widow
Black Bear
Sika Deer
Whip Snake
Grizzly Bear
Whip Snake
Black Widow

Each region has its own set of bile animals. The bile animals will typically be 1-3 levels higher than you, but are fairly easy to defeat. Some animals also have special attacks, such as:

  • Bears will perform an circular area attack around them that slows players in and around the circle.
  • Big cats (lions, lynxes, jaguars ect.) will stand up on their hind legs and quickly attack players that are directly in front of them for a few seconds.
  • Hoofed animals (wildebeest, zebras, elk ect.) will stand a certain distance away from a player and then charge, resulting in a stun. They can also heal themselves.
  • Spiders poison players when they attack.
  • Raccoons and Tanukis will use vine growth, which will slow players caught in the area of effect.
  • Snakes will spit balls of poison at players.

    A Mutant Armadillo Boss(from a former update; the design has since changed)

The difficulty of a bile animal is determined by its color and the amount of skulls by its tag. The order from easiest to hardest is as follows: Green, yellow(1 skull), orange(2 skulls), red(3 skulls), purple(boss + crown icon). These colors are indicated by the tile beneath the animal.


Being an online game, the Spirit Animals RPG comes with multiplayer features. Each player-made server, or Council, can contain up to 10 people at one time. You may start your own council or create a private council. In the council is the default map with the general room, merchant, armory, skills etc. available for use. There is a chat feature with a filtered dictionary and can be toggled on/off in the settings menu.


A Council Map


The option for solo or multiplayer in questing.

Group Quests

You can choose to join up with 3 other random players in a multiplayer quest. The mini game is designed in waves, with each round increasing in difficulty. A Boss is randomly chosen along with randomized Bile Animals and their difficulty levels. At Wave 8, the player comes to a large, circular courtyard. After they beat that wave, they trace their steps back. Upon defeating Wave 10, there is a possibility to earn a Greenheart token.

A defeated player will teleport to an empty room and be given a countdown until they are revived and sent back into the wave. If all players are defeated, then the game is over. The option to spectate allies is available through the glowing orb pedestals, each shining with a different color. After the boss is defeated and the round ends, a menu will pop up with the results and rewards along with the next round's enemies. Items and XP can be earned each round and players on the side bar will be given a title for their performance during the wave. It will give the player the option to either continue to the next wave or leave.

In addition to co-op quests, PvP quests were added. The matches are generally 2 vs. 2. The objective is to destroy the enemies base. However, it's a lot more complicated than that. The game has two phases, attacking and defending. During attack, one team gets 4 AI soldiers that attack the enemy. The defenders try to protect their base and towers. There are two towers, and both are able to fire a projectile at the enemy team. Once all 4 AI soldiers are dead, the roles switch. Another feature is power ups. One way to get them is by killing an opponent. When any enemy soldier is defeated, the opposing team obtains double attack for 10 seconds. There are two areas on the map where they can be obtained.

Spirit Animals


Creating a Spirit Animal

There is currently 27 animals you can summon in the game. They are sorted into 7 categories: Horses, Foragers, Reptiles, Penguins, Bears, Birds, Felines, and Canines.

ZEBRA icon
RC icon
KD Icon
Komodo Dragon
EP icon
Emperor Penguin
MB icon
Moon Bear
RN icon
TIGER icon
FOX icon
MG icon
RP icon
Red Panda
BD icon
Bearded Dragon
BP icon
Blue Penguin
KB icon
Kermode Bear
HAWK icon
PR icon
HY icon
FP icon
Fell Pony
CT icon
FS icon
Fire Salamander
RPE icon
Royal Penguin
GB icon
Grizzly Bear
OY icon
CH icon
RW icon
Red Wolf
SH icon
Sabino Horse
GK icon
BB icon
Blue Bear
--- --- ---


Ice Mystic
Rain Dancer
Fox Frenzy
Channel the agility of your spirit animal to greatly increase your movement and attack speed.
Hunter's Gaze
Your spirit animal charges forward and stuns enemies, while doing effective damage.
Penguin Blizzard
Call upon the freezing winds of your spirit animal's home to push back enemies.
Poison Chain
Damage a single target and poison them over time.
Aimed Shot
Aim carefully and fire a devastating arrow strike that can not be blocked.
Call lightning from the sky to strike the ground in several places nearby.
Sly Illusion
The cunning of your spirit animal allows you to disappear in a flash, reappearing nearby.
Tiger Claw
Does damage and stuns enemies by spinning with your spirit animal and weapon.
Ice Prison
The bond with your spirit animal allows you to summon a crag of ice to trap an enemy for some time.
Dragon Ember
Your spirit animal releases a burst of flame that damages anyone in range - friend or foe.
Throw a snare on the ground to trap enemies.
Drain life
Drain life-giving moisture from opponents overtime, absorbing some to heal yourself and your allies.

Player Skills

Charge forward, stunning and knocking back foes while delivering damage.

Level 2: Increase stun radius
Level 3: Increase charge speed
Level 4: Increase stun duration
Apply a salve of willow extract to heal minor wounds.

Level 2: Increase health regeneration
Level 3: Remove negative effects
Level 4: Heal nearby allies
Sticky Sap
Shatter a vial of silverwood sap on the ground, slowing enemies who touch it.

Level 2: Increase radius
Level 3: Increase duration
Level 4: Reduce recharge time
War Cry
Damage and knock back surrounding enemies with a fearsome cry.

Level 2: Increase radius
Level 3: Reduce recharge time
Level 4: Increase damage
Launch a personal decoy to distract enemies while you jump to safety.

Level 2: Dash backwards to avoid enemy attacks
Level 3: Armour strength increased
Level 4: Create a personal decoy to distract enemies
Thorn Growth
Grow a wall of thorn that blocks you from your enemies and slow them down.

Level 2: Increase slow effect
Level 3: Reduce recharge time
Level 4: Increase width of wall


The armor in the game varies in shape, material, and power- there are four levels of rarity; common (gray), rare (blue), legendary (purple), and unique (yellow; unique armor is usually difficult to find.). Armor includes weapons and talismans as well as clothes. The clothes/armor you find will come in various materials- the common ones are tellunum, kingwood, and redheart- and sometimes come in sets based off of the Great Beasts.

A list of all level 40 Unique Items, (donated by Cen)

Armor Name Amount of Armor Perk Bonus
Glowwood Chestplate 356 Frost Armor/ Formerly Rebounding            +3.5% crit rate
Glowwood Gloves 178 None None
Glowwood Leggings          224 None None
Glowwood Shoes 134 None None
Wild Weald Chestplate 356 Spiked +3.5% health
Wild Weald Gloves 178 None None
Wild Weald Leggings 224 None None
Wild Weald Shoes 134 None None
Golden Sky Breastplate 499 Reflective +3.5% melee damage
Golden Sky Gauntlets 250 None None
Golden Sky Leg guards 314 None None
Golden Sky Boots 187 None None
Meteorite Breastplate     499 Friction Burn +3.5% Move Speed
Meteorite Gauntlets 250 None None
Meteorite Leg Guards 314 None None
Meteorite Boots               187 None None


coming soon..


All level 40 unique weapons have a 10.5% bonus.

Every weapons critical hit rate is 9%.


Weapon Attack Damage Attack Speed Bonus Perk
Iron Warhammer of Rumfuss 13252 104 Crit Rate  Cleansing Burst
Crystal Warhammer of Suka 13252 104 Melee Damage Undaunting
Silver Ax of Briggan 14353 96 Melee Speed Synergistic Bond
Bronze Dagger of Halawir 8847 156 Move Speed  Cleansing Burst
Coral Warhammer of Mulop 13252 104 Health Unyielding
Granite Ax of Arax 14353 96 Crit Rate  Unrelenting
Jade Staff of Gerathon 11050 125 Crit Rate Symbiotic Bond
Platinum Staff of Tellun 11050 125 Melee Damage Symbiotic Bond
Amber Dagger of Uraza 8847 156 Crit Rate  Unrelenting
Slate Sword of Dinesh 12151 114 Move Speed Cleansing burst
Marble Spear of Ninani 13252 104 Move Speed Synergistic Bond
Obsidian Ax of Kovo 14353 96 Melee Damage Unrelenting
Bamboo Staff of Jhi 11050 125 Health Unyielding
Gold Sword of Cabaro 12151 114 Melee Damage Unyielding
Copper Sword of Essix 12151 114 Crit Rate Unrelenting


Weapon Attack Damage Attack Speed Bonus Perk
Compound Shot 9493 133 Ranged Damage Seeker
Bird of Prey 9493 133 Movement Speed  Spirit Bolt
Ramrod Ballista 15758 80 Crit rate  Seeker
Charging Buck 15758 80 Movement Speed Spirit Bolt
Serpent’s Sting 9493 133 Crit Rate  Seeker
Retractable Sniper 9493 133 Ranged Speed Spirit Bolt
Tide Cutter  9493 133 Armor Tri-shot
Scorpion Trigger 15758 80 Ranged Damage Tri-shot
Viridian Coil 9493 133 Armor Tri-shot
Hunter’s Favor 15758 80 Health Seeker

Note: All unique weapons have roughly the same dps


Throughout the game, one fights for the powerful Talismans to get an advantage over the Conquerors. These Heroic Quests are gained every once in a while. In these quests, you must fight a "boss animal", similar to the cavern Heroic Quests, prior to deafening Maddox. Besides being influential in the books, they also give huge boosts in the game. When one is equipped, it gives a high stat boost.

Every talisman offers a 20% boost in a certain attribute.

Talisman Boost Level Heroic Quest Unlocked
Amber Leopard of Uraza Higher Melee Attack Speed Level 10
Marble Swan of Ninani Higher Movement Speed Level 15
Bamboo Panda of Jhi Higher Health Level 20
Copper Falcon of Essix Higher Ranged Attack Damage Level 25
Obsidian Ape of Kovo Higher Melee Attack Damage Level 30
Silver Wolf of Briggan Higher Chance of Critical Attack Level 35
Bronze Eagle of Halawir Faster Ranged Attack Speed Level 40

Sets and Uniques


  • Undaunting: Weapon does more damage based on how many enemies are attacking you, with 5% more damage done with every enemy after the first.
  • Boost XP: You and your allies gain 5% more XP. The more allies who have this perk, the higher the bonus- up to 20%!
  • Friction burn: While in motion, leaves a short-lived burning trail that damages enemies on contact.
  • Rebounding: Enemies that attack you from close range have a 20% chance of being pushed away.
  • Unrelenting: Weapon damage increases by 10% each time the same enemy is struck, up to 50% total. The bonus resets to 0% if a different enemy is struck.
  • Synergistic bond: The target is marked for 3 seconds. A marked target takes 15% extra damage from spirit animals or allies. Targets can only have one mark at a time. Each hit renews the mark.
  • Symbiotic bond: When your spirit animal attacks an enemy, you receive a small portion of health.
  • Cleansing burst: Animals freed from enslavement expel its evil effects in a small burst that damages nearby enemies.
  • Unyielding: Weapon does increased damage if your health is low. At 5% health, the weapon does 90% extra damage!
  • Spiked: Enemy melee attackers are damaged for 25% of your attack strength.
  • Spirit bolt: Ranged weapon fires one or more additional mystical projectiles, which seek enemies other than the one you're targeting and deals minor damage.
  • Tri-Shot: Ranged weapon fires three arrows at different angles, which allows you to defeat multiple enemies at once. Especially useful in Multiplayer mode.
  • Frost Armor: Enemies that attack you from close range have a 20% chance of being slown.


  • The music in the game menu is called Battle of the Shadow Elves and is composed by Chris Haigh. The music is also in a game called Stick Wars.
  • The max melee speed is 215. This is using full Golden Sky, the Amber Leopard of Uraza, the Penance of Red, and a level 40 unique dagger.
  • The max melee damage is 18,730. This is using the Obsidian Axe and Ape of Kovo.
  • The max health is 9,378. This is using the Bamboo Staff and Panda of Jhi, the Hunter's Favor, The Penance of Red, and full Wild Weald.
  • The max armor is 1,479. This is using The Promise of Green, The Viridian Coil/Tide Cutter, and full Golden Sky/Meteorite.
    • More Later

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