SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Tahlia is a girl from Stetriol who first appeared in Hunted. Her spirit animal is a water-holding frog named Tiddalik.


Tahlia was born in Stetriol. She was recruited by Zerif into a group of young Conquerors who had legendary spirit animals (Tiddalik being a frog from an ancient Stetriolan legend/story). In Fire and Ice, she fought at the battle at the docks, and was supposedly killed in Maya's inferno; however she returns in The Book of Shane #4 as her new identity, The Reptile Queen. Tahlia/The Reptile Queen was meant to be placed in Stetriol's throne, but Shane and his supporters dissembled her "army" and left her defenseless. Tahlia attempted to stab Shane, but she missed and fell into the ocean instead, and was dragged underwater and drowned by a crocodile.


Tahlia has blond hair.[1] In the Book of Shane, she wears a white mask, Stetriol's opal crown, and a long white dress. When she takes off her mask, she reveals ugly burn scars from the battle in Fire and Ice.

In the Books


Tahlia is seen in a meeting with Devin Trunswick, Karmo, Ana, and Zerif.

Fire and Ice

Tahlia was seemingly killed in the fire Maya started during a battle.

The Book of Shane

Book 4

Coming Soon


  1. Hunted, page 92

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