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Tasha is a girl from Stetriol who summoned Ninani the swan.


Tasha is first seen in the beginning of Broken Ground reading a book to Ninani. When her parents call her home, Ninani becomes a tattoo on her arm. Later, when Rollan and Abeke come to Stetriol to convince Tasha to join the Greencloaks, Tasha says she doesn't want to leave Stetriol. After thinking it through, she decides to go with Rollan and Abeke and barely makes it onto the ship during the Infected's attack on Stetriol.

In The Books

Broken Ground

Tasha is first seen at the beginning, where she is reading a book to Ninani and drops the book into a fountain, which she is reading next to.

The Return

Tasha joins Rollan and Abeke to find Kirat. Later,she was captured alongside with Abeke and Rollan before being freed by Lady Reimaja and escorts Kirat and Cabaro to the Redcloaks ship.


Tasha has fair skin and long white-blond hair that is twisted up on her head like a crown.[1] Her tattoo of Ninani stretches from her wrist to her elbow.


  • The name "Tasha" is a Russian abbreviation of "Natasha", meaning "Born at Christmas."
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