The Petral Mountains are a mountain range between Eura and Zhong. It is uninhabited, as no humans have lived there in a long time.[1]



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In The Book

In Immortal Guardians Takoda, Kovo, Olvan, Conor, Meilin and other Greencloaks travel to these mountains to find a sketch that Kovo drew in charcoal, a fanged jaw shaped doorway, and according to a book Erlan showed them in sercret room in the Greenhaven library that stated in was located in The Petral Mountains. They find a secret abandoned city proving no one lived there for a while, also finding that whoever did didn't want anyone to find this doorway, as the planted a trapped moat to protect it. When they get there they collapse in a corridor because Kovo had broken the door that stabilized the rocks.

Not mapped or spoken of in any other books.