Tell Dawson I was a hero.

–Book Quote, (from Chapter ???)

The Wildcat's Claw[1] is the sixth book in the Fall of the Beasts series. It is written by Varian Johnson.

Official Summary

The book starts off with Lenori, who has not been giving food in two days. Oathbound come to interrogate her on the four fallen and give her food if she complies. Lenori refuses, so Brunhild the Merry slaps her, drawing blood with a spiked ring.

The four are on a boat headed towards Eura. When it arrives, they decide to go to Trunswick and find manuscripts on the Wildcat's Claw. Abeke and Anka go together to the market, Rollan and Meilin go together to the market on a different path. Conor and Worthy stay at camp.

Meilin and Rollan are walking and talking on the road. Essix allows Rollan to see through her eyes, and they see Oathbound in a tent, talking and pointing to a document before a trader. The Oathbound leave, but before they do, one of them slaps the trader. She appears to have drawn blood somehow.

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  1. Edelweiss
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