The world as we know it has been completely altered from what it was 20 years ago, and suddenly, we are spending more time sitting and looking at screens than we ever imagined possible. Sometimes, it is hard to even remember what we did back before computers, the internet, social media, and smartphones. But things have changed, and one of the biggest changes that affect your business is the fact that people will read/see things on a screen before they see it in print. Though there’s still the few who prefer to pick up a magazine in the store, most people are searching the internet to read up on topics they prefer. Blogging has become the new magazine.

Historical changes

Magazines were great for people because it gave them a way to find out all the information they wanted to know about in a quick and easy-to-read format. A teen was able to grab a magazine that showed them how to put on make-up and pictures of hot celebrities. Someone interested in cars could pick up a magazine all about the new models coming out that year or new features being installed. People loved their magazines, which meant that businesses loved using them as a marketing opportunity. Throwing in a quick advertisement in the magazine was easy enough and would guarantee you’d reach your target audience. But the internet has led to bloggers fighting for the kind of attention magazines used to get, and the ease at finding a hairstyle on Pinterest or car information on Edmunds makes it that much harder for a magazine to sell. That is why blogging should be your focus when it comes to marketing to specific markets.

An opportunity for advertising

Using blogs to market your product or service can be really hard because you may not know how exactly to get your product features. One of the best ways to do this is through pay per call marketing. The blogger signs up to do free advertising, and you only have to pay them when someone actually calls in for more information. That way, if the blog isn’t getting enough attention, you don’t lose anything. But if the blog is doing really well and has a lot of readers, you’ll get a lot of business too. It’s a great way to dive into the new kind of magazine and bring in more customers than before!

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