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Xanthe is a Sadrean girl who lives in the underground city of Phos Astos.


Xanthe has lived in Phos Astos underground her whole life, she is very proud everything her city has built out of fungi and large mushrooms. Her city and all the other cities have built thousands of tunnels going all over the world, she also knows the tunnel way to The Evertree by heart. After she leads Takoda, Meilin, and Conor across the musical web, they are forced into the Sulfur Sea when Kovo slides into them-except for Xanthe, who is assumed to have disappeared.


Xanthe has pale white skin, short white-blonde hair[1], and pink eyes.[2] Her eyes are extremely sensitive to light brighter than a faint glow.

In The Books

Immortal Guardians

Xanthe appears shortly after The Many attack Meilin and she rescues Meilin, Conor, and Takoda from being killed and brings them to the tunnel way on to Phos Astos. She tells them about Sadre and its pathways. She then shows them around Phos Astos and introduces them to the Elders who explain their history, The Many, and the Wyrm to them. When the Many infiltrate Phos Astos, Ingailor is killed after he saves Xanthe's life. At the end of the book Xanthe, Conor, Meilin and Takoda start on their way to kill the Wyrm and save the Evertree.


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Takoda and Xanthe become good friends throughout Immortal Guardians. Takoda accidentally bumps into her when they are travelling to Phos Astos, and Xanthe blushes. There is a tiny bit of evidence that they may like eachother, this is most likely due to the fact that the Sadreans admire Kovo (who is bonded to Takoda).


  • Her name is pronounced as "Zanthe".
  • Eliot Schrefer said that he'd like Takoda and Xanthe to end up together.[3]
  • Xanthe means "blond" in Greek.
  • Xanthe is the first non-marked character to play a significant role in the series.



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